Austin Neighborhood Guide

At Tower Realty we know our neighborhoods top to bottom. From great restaurants and shops, to the most up and coming neighborhoods, we will find you the best properties. Whether you are looking for real estate options near UT campus, apartment rentals or condos, we can help. Let us show you our home town.

West Campus

The eastern boundary of UT Austin West Campus is a major commercial area known as “The Drag” or Guadalupe Street, where clothing stores, restaurants, bookstores (including the University COOP), and venues are across the street from the University of Texas, Austin. These businesses typically service college student’s needs.

North Campus

Students that choose this area are sometimes drawn to the proximity of the law school or looking for something quieter than the West Campus area. Due to the proximity to the University of Texas Austin, it’s still a highly desired location for any type of student.


Lady Bird Lake separates downtown from South Austin. You get panoramic views of the city line from paddleboards, kayaks, or running alongside the trail. Congress Avenue splits the city into east and west. At the end of Congress, you’ll get an unbelievable view of the Texas State Capital; the only capital building taller than the White House!

East Austin

Many homes in East Austin are being either completely renovated or simply torn down. You may see a top of the line, modern condo development amongst two small homes. Over the past few years, the beauty of this neighborhood has been acknowledged so prices in this area, while still a lot cheaper than most of Austin, is on the rise.

Hyde Park

Central Austin.  Since Hyde Park is a little north of campus, there are plenty of public transportation routes to take you there or even downtown. Aside from that, a quick walk will take you to coffee shops and markets!

Austin Trivia

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