Meet All UT Austin Texas Residency Requirements

As a Texas resident, you qualify for lower tuition. Tower Realty has helped thousands of UT Austin* families qualify for in-state tuition through the Texas residency process and can help you do the same.

Texas Residency Starts With Tower Realty Austin

We specialize in helping families save thousands on tuition by assisting UT Austin* out-of-state students with the Texas Residency process to qualify for in-state tuition. Learn more about gaining Texas Residency and all the elements you will need to fulfill the proof of Texas residency requirements by downloading our free checklist 3 Easy Steps to Texas Residency below.

We can help you save you Up to $100K in tuition costs

Tower Realty Austin is the leader in UT Austin* area property sales and management. We help you find a property and coordinate closing in time to meet TX state residency requirements. Most importantly, we offer the option to continue working with you post-purchase to manage your property.

Texas Residency PDF Form

3 Easy Steps to Texas Residency

Download this PDF to learn how to save thousands on out-of-state tuition in Texas