Your Guide to Texas Residency Requirements

How much will you save on out-of-state tuition?

We specialize in helping out-of-state families save thousands on Texas tuition

Welcome to Tower Realty Austin, where we specialize in guiding out-of-state parents through the unique process of purchasing property in Texas. If you’re considering a Texas university for your child’s education, you might not be aware that owning property here can be a strategic step towards establishing Texas residency. Why is this important? Texas residency can qualify your child for in-state tuition, potentially saving you thousands of dollars. Our experienced team is here to help you navigate this journey. We provide clear, step-by-step assistance in finding the right property anywhere in Texas. Contact us to learn more

How much will you save with in-state tuition?

Use our tuition calculator to see how much you will save on tuition through a Texas property purchase.


*You will qualify for in-state tuition approximately 12 months from the property closing date. For example, if you are an incoming freshman that buys a property, you will be paying in-state tuition at the beginning of your sophomore year.

Texas Residency Starts With Tower Realty

We specialize in helping families save on tuition by assisting out-of- state students with the Texas Residency process to qualify for in state tuition savings.

Texas A&M University-College Station COLLEGE STATION, TX$12,153.00$38,602.00$26,449.00
The University of Texas at Austin AUSTIN, TX $10,824.00 $38,326.00 $27,502.00
The University of Texas at Dallas RICHARDSON, TX $13,442.00 $38,168.00 $24,726.00
The University of Texas at Arlington ARLINGTON, TX $11,040.00 $28,129.00 $17,089.00
Texas A&M University-Kingsville KINGSVILLE, TX $9,136.00 $24,687.00 $15,551.00
The University of Texas at El Paso EL PASO, TX $9,161.00 $24,524.00 $15,363.00
Prairie View A&M University PRAIRIE VIEW, TX $10,786.00 $25,654.00 $14,868.00
The University of Texas at Tyler TYLER, TX $8,742.00 $22,752.00 $14,010.00
University of Houston-Clear Lake HOUSTON, TX $7,310.00 $20,746.00 $13,436.00
Texas A&M University-San Antonio SAN ANTONIO, TX $8,864.00 $21,877.00 $13,013.00
Sul Ross State University ALPINE, TX $8,806.00 $21,557.00 $12,751.00
University of North Texas at Dallas DALLAS, TX $9,140.00 $21,811.00 $12,671.00
Texas Southern University HOUSTON, TX $9,173.00 $21,833.00 $12,660.00
Lamar State College-Port Arthur PORT ARTHUR, TX $4,331.00 $16,991.00 $12,660.00
University of Houston HOUSTON, TX $9,221.00 $21,749.00 $12,528.00
Texas A&M University-Texarkana TEXARKANA, TX $7,536.00 $20,025.00 $12,489.00
The University of Texas at San Antonio SAN ANTONIO, TX $8,262.00 $20,263.00 $12,001.00
Texas State University SAN MARCOS, TX $10,581.00 $22,397.00 $11,816.00
Texas A&M International University LAREDO, TX $7,348.00 $18,666.00 $11,318.00
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi CORPUS CHRISTI, TX $9,272.00 $20,101.00 $10,829.00
Lamar Institute of Technology BEAUMONT, TX $3,602.00 $13,730.00 $10,128.00
Texas Woman's University DENTON, TX $7,926.00 $18,055.00 $10,129.00
Angelo State University SAN ANGELO, TX $7,637.00 $17,765.00 $10,128.00
Lamar University BEAUMONT, TX $8,494.00 $18,622.00 $10,128.00
Lamar State College-Orange ORANGE, TX $3,192.00 $13,320.00 $10,128.00
Sam Houston State University HUNTSVILLE, TX $8,536.00 $18,664.00 $10,128.00
Stephen F Austin State University NACOGDOCHES, TX $8,844.00 $18,972.00 $10,128.00
Texas A&M University-Central Texas KILLEEN, TX $7,029.00 $17,157.00 $10,128.00
The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley EDINBURG, TX $8,132.00 $18,260.00 $10,128.00
University of Houston-Downtown HOUSTON, TX $6,788.00 $16,916.00 $10,128.00
University of Houston-Victoria VICTORIA, TX $6,781.00 $16,909.00 $10,128.00
University of North Texas DENTON, TX $11,044.00 $21,172.00 $10,128.00
Texas Tech University LUBBOCK, TX $9,300.00 $19,260.00 $9,960.00