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Austin Lake

December 22, 2021

From Tex Admission’s blog:

I’ve worked in college admissions now for almost ten years starting at UT-Austin and founding Tex Admissions in early 2015. One area that I lack knowledge and experience is establishing Texas Residency for out-of-state non-Texan students. I usually avoid any questions and referred people to residency@austin.utexas.edu and the Residency Core Questions (UTEID required), which isn’t always helpful.

I discuss OOS admissions for non-Texas US residents in this post. Since 90% of all incoming students must come from the state of Texas, the admissions rate for OOS applicants is less than 10%, on-par with the country’s most selective universities. Note that each major, like Computer Science, Business, Engineering, and Honors Programs don’t need this 90:10 ratio and are usually more like 85:15 or 80:20 Texas/OOS students.

I recently connected with Chesney Coker is an owner / broker of Tower Realty Austin. Chesney has been working with out-of-state UT families for over 14 years, helping them buy property to establish Texas state residency, and qualify for in-state-tuition rates.

Click here to read Tex Admissions blog post about Residency

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